Build Your Village

They say, “it takes a village to raise a family,” but sometimes a village is hard to come by! Let’s build our village so we can help each other, rejoice with each other, carry each other when we need it, and just enjoy the friendship God has for us! This group can be mamas with kids of any age. We will meet Monday mornings to start our week out with fellowship (and play for the kids if they are with you!) and I would love to plan some Saturday get-togethers that can include husbands too!

WHERE WE MEET: 10573 Sienna Dr Noblesville, IN 46060-6720

WHEN WE MEET: Weekly on Monday at 10:00 AM

CHILDCARE: This Circle is for Families/Children

LIFE STAGE: Children, Married with Kids, Women

TOPIC: Parenting


Circle Leaders

Emilyn Shively
[email protected]

This group is at or exceeds capacity.