Next Gen Filmmakers

Filmmaking is an art form that most of us interact with everyday. From movies and TV, to commercials and YouTube videos it is all filmmaking in some fashion. Unfortunately many of the current platforms are dominated by secular filmmakers, or subpar faith-based content. Together, we can change the future of this art form and make fun, action-packed, God-honoring, and thought-provoking content. In this circle, students will learn the basics of filmmaking, begin to understand what shapes our own personal tastes, and have the chance to create some content together.

WHERE WE MEET: 12491 E 136th St Itown Church - Olson Farms Campus Fishers, IN 46038-4908

WHEN WE MEET: Weekly on Wednesday at 4:00 PM


LIFE STAGE: Youth (5th-12th)

TOPIC: Discussion, Fun


Circle Leaders

Adam Bender
[email protected]

This group is at or exceeds capacity.