Polite Kids 101 (3rd & 4th Grade)

It’s no secret that manners don’t happen by chance, they must be taught. A well-mannered child earns the respect of those he or she is around. This class will teach manners in a fun way and gives children the tools they need to use manners in every environment. Topics include table manners, introducing yourself, respect, kindness, being a guest in someone’s home, birthday party etiquette, and so much more!

WHERE WE MEET: 12491 E 136th St Olson Farms - Flex Space Fishers, IN 46038-4908

WHEN WE MEET: Weekly on Sunday at 12:45 PM


LIFE STAGE: Children

TOPIC: Discussion, Parenting


Circle Leaders

Kylee Retrum
[email protected]

Kate Sumrall
[email protected]

This group is at or exceeds capacity.