Family Pre-Registration

Reference Information

Security Code Pick-up Tags

For safety purposes, the security code pick-up tag assigned to a family or a valid photo ID must be presented in order to obtain a child from the ITOWN Kids and Nursery Preschool areas once they are checked in.

Photo/Video Release

For each child you register, you are able to select' 'Yes' or 'No' to our Child Photo/Release Agreement. If you select 'Yes', you understand that ITOWN Church may take photographs or videos of you and your family in the course of its services and events. You grant ITOWN Church permission to publish such media in a manner ITOWN Church deems appropriate including, but not limited to: live video streaming, live weekend services, email, YouTube, television, printed material, etc.

The Photo/Video Release Agreement is in effect for ALL events or activities that you, or any of your children, may participate in. This release form is revocable, prospectively only, by a writing signed by you that bears the date that the revocation is delivered to ITOWN Church.